Monday, November 19, 2007


At last!! This has been a remarkable journey and I have learned and explored many interesting things (at least 23!)and I am so glad that I have had the chance to do this. I could not however have done it nearly as well or as completely without the help of Cristina, Michael and especially Shirley who took time out today to help me considerably so that I could complete the 23 things in the time that I have left to me to complete the task. Thank you Shirley!!!
Now it seems that I should do 1 more thing and that is learn how to use the mp3 player which is still languishing in the box at my house. Perhaps I will try loading the Wodehouse story in tolerable quality...for free from Gutenburg!


I went to Gutenberg and found an audio book that i would like to hear. It is Bertie Changes His Mind by P.G. Wodehouse. It seems that it is free if you would like bearable quality or tolerable quality. Now for reasonable quality it seems that there is a charge of $6, and for good quality that would be $7, and for very good quality well that would be $8. Maybe the library (hcl) will order it on cd and I can listen to the very best quality of all and for free!
It is interesting that they had so many free titles. I wonder had bad bearable quality really is?!


Almost finished! Thank goodness for Shirley who is helping me move things onto my blog. It's not intuitive at all. I located a podcast on yahoo podcasts by searching library story time. I got a site from the Liverpool library in New York that had songs and finger plays. I think that i subscribed to this and added it to my rss feeds. Shirley then helped me navigate the bloglines account and move my rss list to my blog. gasp!!!! I hope that i can remember how to do these things when I am done with this and actually have time to play around with it. I hope that the 23 things list with links will still be available.

Talking Kitties

These cats remind me of my own 2, Marble and Tippy.

Web 2.0

I have explored Real Travel from the travel subject guide. This looks like a very good site with many blogs and postings offering photos and advice for the ahem...traveler. I searched Spain and was rewarded with tons of blogs and also a subject heading so that when I am ready to read, I can sort them by interest. I think I will look at hotel advice first.


I am testing this wood processor. Lets see how some of the different fonts look.  I would like to be able..  woops that one is not too good.  As I was saying, I would like to be able to transport this to my blog, however I have not been having much luck transporting things up to this point.  I think that for a non-techie, moving things to the blog is difficult on most sites.  I have bee lucky to have some help form co-workers.  Shirley helped me put my mees on the blog.  It looked so easy when she showed me how to do it.  I think I just need more practice.  Perhaps I will do 23 things again at my leasure, taking time to really learn the elements of all of this computer technology.

16 and 17

I am not an expert on wikis (ha!), however I did add to the HCL sandbox! I thought that the wiki from sjcpl (subject guide) was really interesting. I looked at the craft section and posted there were lots of new craft books with cover shots and sorted by type of craft. At the end there were instructions for a tee-shirt craft and a link to the craft programs provided at the library.
I did notice that spam and uninvited comments and edits were a problem on many of the wiki sites. I guess that you would have to carefully evaluate information garnered off of any of these sites. I do think that it is a great way to share info and i plan to spend more time in the future looking for wikis that have interest for me.